bottles-count-chartBuilding on a decade of solid and exciting achievements in the wine cellar industry, we believe it was time to bring wine cellar racking to a new level.

Contemporary design combining metal and wood, Millesime wine racks are especially made to highlight your wine bottles from every angle.

Millesime wine racks offer a large array of configurations to adapt to your environment and your wine collection.

Designed for flexibility, Millesime racks affix to the floor and ceiling, which means that their positioning is unlimited. If unable to install to the ceiling, special wall fixtures are available. Having two interchangeable shelves, the horizontal shelf and the angled-bottle display shelf, the Millesime wine rack is dedicated to keeping the focus on the most important thing…your wine bottles!

The horizontal rods that cradle the bottles can be crafted to accommodate one, two, or three wine bottles laterally, with options for single, double and triple bottle depth.


Wellington Wine Cellars, Inc. is an authorized, full service dealer for Millesime racking products.