Craftsmanship & installation are key.

Our professional installers are experienced wine cellar craftsmen with an eye for detail. While some may consider wine racking similar to the cabinetry trade, in truth there are considerable differences. You wouldn’t hire a framing contractor to install trim and millwork even though they both fall under the same trade name of “carpentry”.

Even the best design isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on if the final installation is lacking.

Individual bottle racking, cooling vent (top).

Professional installation is available by our corporate based installers though out Florida as well as through our network of authorized dealers in other areas of the country. On large or elaborate projects in a region outside our dealer network; you may consider the option of having our corporate based installers travel to your location to install your Wellington Wine Cellars racking system professionally.

While we would strongly recommend professional installation of your Wellington Wine Cellars custom racking, we understand this may not be budget. In such instances, technical support for both our custom and modular lines of racking is available by contacting our corporate offices.